This project aims to compliment the Java Mockito library by adding the ability to inject Collections into test objects without the need to manually inject Collections before the test starts. For more information refer to the project page on Github.


j960 was an open source project that aimed to bring the power of the 960 Grid System - a flexible layout orientated CSS Framework - to the Joomla! templating community. This project had one product, a Joomla! 1.5 template the template was not a complete product, it was intended as a template for a template. You can use this template to rapidly create your own Joomla! templates. But remember to check out the licenses before you get too far.

If you are a Drupal user, you may also be interested in an equivalent Drupal theme.

This project is no longer active

WATS (Webamoeba Ticket System)

WATS was a help desk ticket support system component for Joomla!. I had been intending on creating a 1.6 version of the component, and had made some headway, if you are interested in the partially completed code please refer to the SVN branch. You should also find some Ant scripts in the SVN branch to help create the JForm XML files and help with the overall build/publish process.

For an alternative try the Joomla! Extension site.

This project is no longer active