Mockito-Collections RC-01

The first release of Mockito-Collections is now available. To use Mockito-Collections in Maven, add the following dependency to your POM.


Documentation is available on the GitHub page: mockito-collections. To help get started, there are some samples available on GitHub: mockito-collections-1.0.0-RC-01/mockito-collections-samples.

Name Injection
Description Replaces the reptitive action of instantiating a collection adding the mocks to the collection and then setting it to the object being tested, with MockitoCollections#initialise(Object).
Name Collective Verification
Description Replaces declaration of multiple mocks with one collection containing all of the mocks using the @CollectionOfMocks annotation. And replaces verification of interactions with each individual mock with MockitoCollections#collectiveVerify(Class, Collection).




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