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Joomla! is a modular and extensible open source Content Management System. Joomla! was created in 2005 and is a fork of the Mambo CMS. Joomla! has fast become one of the most popular open source CMS's, as is proved by its numerous awards and massive online community.

Joomla! from inception...

This Code Swarm provides an animated visual representation of the changes made to the Joomla! source code since 2005. The names that appear are the users who have made changes to the source code. The stars/highlights represent commits made to the Subversion respository. The histogram to the bottom left displays activity. Look out for the date displayed in the right hand corner.

For better quality playback, remember to press the HQ button in the YouTube player.


Code Swarm


Learn more about Joomla!

You can learn more about Joomla! from a Packt Publishing book. And when you buy a book from Packt Publishing, it's nice to know that a donation is made to the project on your behalf through the Packt Open Source Project Royalty Scheme. So why not get started with a simple book like Building Websites with Joomla! 1.5. Or if you want a more technical guide get stuck in with Mastering Joomla! 1.5 Extension and Framework Development.

Joomla! Community Blog

This Code Swarm video was recently added as a blog item to the Joomla! Community Blog:

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